Jakarta,  Smiling is one of the easiest ways to reduce stress and add friends. But apparently there are 10 other benefits of a smile to one’s health.


As we all know it takes less facial muscles to make someone smile than frown. Some experts claim it takes 43 muscles to frown and only 17 muscles to smile. But some others say it takes 62 muscles to frown and only 26 muscles to smile.

In addition, a smile can also improve one’s health and make life more enjoyable. Here are some benefits that can be obtained a person with a smile, as quoted from  About,  Friday (12/02/2011), namely:

1. A smile makes a person more attractive 
smile unconsciously can make people more attractive because there is a certain attraction factor and make someone look better than a frown, scowl or grimace.

2. A smile can change the mood 
Smiling can trick the body so that helps a person’s mood changed for the better. For that if you feel sad, try to smile.

3. A smile can be contagious 
smile not only change the mood of the person but also the people around him, and make things happier. This is because a smile can be contagious and bring happiness to others.

4. A smile can relieve stress 
People who are stressed can be seen from his face, but with a smile can prevent a person look tired and exhausted. If you’re stressed, try to take the time to smile, because it can reduce stress, so better able to take action.

5. A smile increases your immune system 
Smiling helps the immune system to work better. When someone smiled then increased immune function that makes a person feel more relaxed and protected from diseases such as flu and colds.

6. Lowers blood pressure smile 
when smiled then there is impairment of blood pressure measured. Try to measure blood pressure while sitting at home while reading, then smiled for a minute and blood pressure measured again, it will show the difference.

7. A smile can release endorphins, painkillers and serotonin 
Studies have shown a smile can release endorphins, compounds that can reduce pain naturally and serotonin. All three can make people feel better and become a natural medicine.

8. Crease a smile on the face can make people look younger 
muscles used to smile lift the face can help to make people look younger. Therefore try to smile more often which makes feel younger and better.

9. Smiling can make people look successful 
man who smiles will look more confident, so much promoted, but it pairs smile at each meeting will have a different reaction.

10. A smile can help people stay positive 
smile will make people more positive and reduce negative thoughts. By reducing depression, stress and worry it will also increase a person’s health and avoid the risk of various diseases.